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The IceArenA can email you a copy of all the information …

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in a tentative birthday booking ….

Tentative Birthday Booking

Please fill out the below information for a Tentative Birthday Booking.

Please be aware we do have some terms and conditions & the IceArenA will need a minimum booking and payment for 8 children to lock in the booking.

*if the above section is not correct please pick a new session here*

The IceArenA will need a minimum booking and payment for 8 guests to lock in the booking.
The IceArenA will need to know full party guest confirmed numbers one week out from the party due to food ordering requirements.
Birthday guest increases after the confirmation of numbers may be limited due to ordering.
Juices are required to be pre-ordered when confirming numbers, there will be limited extra supply during the parties.
We cannot offer refunds but we can exchange for an in-house credit.
Food and Drink that has not purchased at the IceArenA cannot be consumed in the centre. ​(Birthday Cakes are exempt)

I accept the terms stated above.

Please note This booking is not confirmed until a member of the IceArenA Customer Service Team has contacted you.
This booking will be booked in as a Tentative Booking until the IceArenA has confirmed the payment of a minimum 8 guests.
A Tentative Booking will expire the Monday of the the party unless payment is secured.
Please take note of the age group of the party you have chosen, the party is designed for that age, as such adding extra guests outside this age group might not be possible depends on other parties at the time and other constraints.

If you wish party information sent by email or phone instead of a Tentative Booking, please click here.

I acknowledge that the IceArenA will place this booking in as a Tentative Booking.