Who we are

The South Australian Ice Sports Federation (SAISF) (NON-PROFIT) was formed in 2005 by the three member sports of Ice Hockey, Figure Skating and Broomball to save the IceArenA from closure.

Each Association provided representatives to form an action group which subsequently became incorporated to form the SA Ice Sports Federation. With the support of the State Government of South Australia and the Office for Recreation & Sport the SAISF has been successful in maintaining the rink as a viable recreation and sporting facility.

The SAISF is a Non-Profit.

The SAISF Board is responsible for development of policy and initiatives to promote ice skating within the state, and to ensure the ongoing success of a facility to house the ice sports. The SAISF Board appointed a management group comprising of business experts with a keen interest in maintaining a viable facility in Adelaide for the ice sports. The management group consults with the Venue Manager of the rink to assist with its daily operations.

John Chen


Rod Nancarrow

Vice President

Moira Henningsen


Richard Laidlaw


Marie Shaw

Committee Member

Michael Tye

Committee Member
  • South Australian Ice Skating Association

    Is a member of ISA & ISU

  • Ice Hockey SA

    Is a member of IHA & IIHF

  • Broomball Association SA

    Is a member of Broomball Australia & IFBA

Mission Statement

  • To be an Association for the advancement of ice sports in SA
  • To provide a centralised voice to represent the ice sports in SA
  • To acquire, provide, establish and improve organisations and facilities for sporting, social and other benefit of members
  • To resolve disputes involving any member or members of the Federation.
  • To manage and co-ordinate the raising of finances in support of these objectives.
  • To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Federation

The South Australian Ice Sports Federation acknowledges the valuable support it receives from the State Government of South Australia through The Office for Recreation and Sport 

SAISF is a “not for profit” organisation and all members of the Board and its advisers and delegates are volunteers